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Hex #0077E6 | hover #AA5B78
Social Native's initial website was committing the same mistake many other companies do. They designed the website to showcase the brand and not speak to their audience. Though at face value this seemed good, it did not effectively speak to their audience nor explain what problems their products solved. It was not designed to convert users into potential clients. 
A difficulty for Social Native was that it has two very different customers both needing different messaging. The first was potential clients, such as big brands that utilize Social Native's user-generated content (UGC) on their sites. The second was influencers who signed up as Social Native creators. This complexity meant the website needed to speak to two very different users: a brand, looking to utilize Social Native's UGC product line, and a digital influencer accessing the website to learn more and sign up to become a Social Native creator. 

Significant UX research, user personas, and thorough user flows were essential to have a full understanding of the best way to redesign the website. This all had to be achieved within very short deadlines. We utilized current employee knowledge and experience to expedite this research. 

Emphasis was placed on completely redesigning the homepage as it was the first point of contact for users. The navigation was redesigned with new visual dropdowns to better segment the product lines, as well as create separate sections for the influencers to find all their necessary resources. A heavy focus was placed on the UX to ensure we effectively reached the two different audiences. Additionally, the existing brand style was given an update to give the site a more polished look. 
Many new pages were created to showcase the various products the brand offers, focusing on simplifying the experience and understanding for new clients. New design systems were created to unify the branding throughout the site and expedite the creation of new and future content. 
Web traffic increased by 96% within the first year.

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