Hi I'm Tamara, a digital designer creating everything from illustrations and logos to custom websites and branding packages. Check out my portfolio to see some of my work.
My background is in art and marketing, having studied Art History and Communication in university and spent years working in the marketing world. I'm passionate about helping clients utilize the internet to grow their business and further their goals and dreams. I like to provide a one-stop shop for all your design and digital needs!
Tamara Ri
I began my freelancing journey in my small flat in London. After working in the corporate world for so long I grew tired of the 9-to-5 life. Though I enjoyed marketing, I desperately missed being creative and decided to quit my job to become a freelancing.
Now I'm located in beautiful Seal Beach, California and have clients all over the world, from North America to East Asia!
My background in art and my skills in marketing situates me uniquely between art and commerce. I know that both the visuals and the messaging are equally important. 

If you are hoping to get custom work to reflect your brand then you have landed at the right place! If you don't even know what your brand should look like or what a brand book even is then you have definitely come to the right place as I can help you out with both.

Having studied multiple coding languages, I am also able to help you set up your business from conception to launch. Clients can get a one-stop-shop for all their visual and digital needs, from young businesses to tech-averse artists that know they need a website or a "personality" for their business/brand but don't know what or how to start.
I am passionate about helping clients utilize the internet to grow their business and further their goals and dreams. 
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