Designer at beach in Portugal
Hi, I'm Tamara & I'm a designer 
I'm a multidisciplinary designer dedicated to enhancing digital experiences through innovative designs. Currently based in California, my nomadic spirit has led me to live in many different countries over the years, fostering a deep appreciation for diverse cultures and perspectives. At an early age, I fell in love with all things art, from Disney movies and amazing architecture to illustration and photography. I knew I wanted to grow up and pursue a career in the creative world. 
During my university years, I pursued a degree in Art History coupled with a minor in Communications. Embarking on my professional path, I initially worked in marketing, but my innate thirst for creativity urged me to explore the design industry. 
Transitioning seamlessly into roles within branding, graphic design, and web design, I have cultivated a blend of art and science in my work. Drawing from my marketing background, I infuse a unique perspective into my design approach, striking the perfect balance between creativity and functionality.
For nearly a decade I worked in the corporate world as an in-house designer at various tech companies. Now, as a freelancer, I am passionate about collaborating with fellow creatives, entrepreneurs, and businesses, helping them achieve their creative goals. Fuelled by a fervent desire to empower others in pursuing their dreams, I find immense gratification in helping individuals and businesses alike achieve their creative objectives.
During my downtime, you'll often find me drawing, wandering through the halls of a museum, or capturing moments with my camera while exploring a new city. My passion for art and design is a driving force in my life, compelling me to continually seek out opportunities for growth and skill development as a designer.
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